Granville Swimming Centre 25 metre pool will be closed from 5am, Tuesday 14 December to 3pm, Friday 17 December, to repair cracked program pool water return lines.


Amended Planning Proposal Request for 55-57 Station Street and 6 Pritchard Street East, Wentworthville (SC531)

Consultation has concluded.

The previous Planning Proposal Request

The PPR originally lodged and exhibited for the site by Council during December 2018 and January 2019, proposed a 3.5:1 FSR, 53m Height of Buildings, a 15 storey mixed use development with basement parking, and included a letter of offer as public benefit.

The revised Planning Proposal Request

Nucorp Construction Pty Ltd is the proponent for the revised PPR.

The PPR seeks:

  • To facilitate the redevelopment of 11 storey mixed use development with basement car parking on site, and provides a letter of offer as public benefit to extend the existing area of Friend Park.

And includes the following amendments to Holroyd Local Environmental Plan 2013 for the site:

  • Amend the existing Floor Space Ratio (FSR) from existing 2:1 and 2.2:1 to 3:1;
  • Amend the site’s existing Maximum Height of Buildings (HoB) from existing 10, 17 and 20 metres to 41 metres; and
  • Amend Schedule 1 – Additional Permitted Uses to introduce a new ‘Gymnasium’ use to the ground floor of the proposed development for use by residential tenants.

The revised PPR is likely to be assessed in parallel with Council’s recently exhibited draft Wentworthville Centre Planning Proposal and Development Control Plan.

The documentation associated with this revised planning proposal can be accessed using the links below: