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Corporate Planning

Integrated Planning & Reporting

The Office of Local Governments Integrated Planning and Reporting framework ensures that Councils are prepared to meet and respond to the needs of the community into the future.

Council is required to develop a long-range planning system which refines its focus through community engagement and seeks to align the provision of Council Services with resources at financial, asset and human resource levels.

As part of the framework, Council prepares core documents including:iprframework

  • The long-term Community Strategic Plan
  • The 4-year Delivery Program
  • An Annual Operational Plan
  • The Resourcing Strategy including – Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy, Workforce Strategy and Cumberland Digital Strategy
  • Key reporting documents including – Quarterly Performance Report, Annual Report and End of Term Report.

The framework builds a strategic vision for the city of Cumberland directly with the community and key stakeholders, taking into account State and Federal plans and policies. Council’s strategies, plans, services and initiatives are then created in direct response to this vision, building an integrated planning process and progressive initiatives for the city.

As a newly formed Council, Cumberland was under Administration for the first 16 months after the proclamation. During this time, Council completed many key projects necessary to assist the transition to one organisation, as well as countless other ‘business as usual’ activities which ensured service continuity to the community throughout this time.

An Administrators End of Term Report has been produced and was reported to the last Council meeting before the return of elected representatives. This report outlines progress with these activities, Council’s current operational position and other information to help inform the incoming councillors.

Community Strategic Plan

Welcome to the first Community Strategic Plan for Cumberland.

Establishing a central vision for Cumberland and a series of supporting long-term Strategic Goals, Outcomes, Activities and Measures, the Community Strategic Plan balances a commitment to social and cultural cohesion, the local economy, our natural and built environments and all members of the Cumberland community. This 10-year strategic document will guide Council’s endeavours to build a better Cumberland in partnership with its community.

The vision created by this Plan flows down throughout Council’s operations to drive progressive outcomes, high performing services and positive initiatives. The Community Strategic Plan is a long-term document, laying the foundation for Council’s service delivery, major projects and overall focus over the next 10-year period.

To identify these issues and write the plan on behalf of the community, Council undertook a comprehensive engagement program to identify the priorities, challenges and vision that the people of Cumberland had for their city over the next 10 years. Overall, Council gathered the views of around 2,500 local residents, visitors, businesses and other stakeholders.

Delivery Program & Operational Plan

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan translate the long-term vision set down by the Community

The Delivery Program is created by each new Council and establishes a 4-year rolling program of actions, detailing the key activities and services provided by Council.

The Operational Plan is developed each year highlighting the priorities and responsibilities for the
coming 12 months. The Operational Plan allocates responsibilities for each deliverable as well as key performance indicators to ensure accountability and forward progress. It includes a detailed annual budget and program of works.

Council’s  Revenue Policy Fees & Charges is an inclusive element of the Operational Plan and is presented as a separate document.

Resourcing Strategy

The Cumberland Resourcing Strategy ensures Council has the right funds, assets and people to deliver on its commitments made in the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan. It involves the strategic management of resources and directly matching them to priorities and actions to be delivered by Council. The Resourcing Strategy is reviewed in detail every 4 years with the development of each Delivery Program to ensure integration and alignment. It contains four key elements:

  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Long-term Financial Plan
  • Cumberland Digital Strategy

Progress Reporting

As part of IP&R program, Council monitors and reports on its progress towards the commitments of the key Integrated Planning documents.

Quarterly Performance Report

The Quarterly Performance Report provides an update and analysis of Council’s performance against the Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget. It contains a progress comment against each of Council’s Operational Plan priorities. Council also provides a quarterly performance report on its SRV works. The Quarterly Performance Report for Cumberland is presented as a composite document, containing 3 key sections detailing progress against applicable actions from Auburn, Holroyd and Parramatta City Councils.

Quarter 1 – Summary Report
Progress Report – Former Auburn
Progress Report – Former Holroyd
Progress Report – Former Parramatta