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Mayor & Councillors

The 15 Cumberland Councillors for the period September 2017 – September 2020 are: (click on names for contact details)

South Granville Ward Wentworthville Ward Granville Ward Regents Park Ward Greystanes Ward
Glenn Elmore Lisa Lake Joseph Rahme George Campbell Ross Grove
Paul Garrard Suman Saha Steve Christou Kun Huang Greg Cummings(Mayor)
Tom Zreika Michael Zaiter Ola Hamed Ned Attie Eddy Sarkis(Deputy Mayor)

Cumberland Council has its first Mayor and Deputy Mayor!

Cumberland Council Mayor, Councillor Greg Cummings was elected at a special Council meeting on Wednesday 27 September, with Councillor Eddy Sarkis named Deputy Mayor.

Front Row (L-R): Clr Suman Saha, Clr Tom Zreika, Clr Eddy Sarkis (Deputy Mayor), Clr Greg Cummings (Mayor), Clr Ross Grove, Clr Ola Hamed, Clr Steve Christou
Back Row (L-R): Clr George Campbell, Clr Ned Attie, Clr Paul Garrard, Clr Joseph Rahme, Clr Kun Huang, Clr Lisa Lake, Clr Michael Zaiter, Clr Glenn Elmore

Councillor Induction Program

Ward Maps in PDF format