Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions

Clubs for Cumberland is a community grant program supporting local projects and services that provide assistance to people in the Cumberland area.

1. When does the 2021 Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme open and close?

Applications open 9am on 9am on 1 April 2021 and close 4pm on 30 April 2021.

2. How much funding can I apply for?

There is no limit to how much you can apply for under the Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme.

3. Where does the ClubGRANTS Funding comes from?

Registered clubs who earn $1 million or more in gaming machine profit each year are taxed through the ClubGRANTS scheme. The scheme enables a club’s participation, support, and leadership within their local area by providing funding for projects, services and programs that benefit their community.

All registered clubs have a mandatory tax of 0.4% as their contribution to the ClubGRANTS Fund.

4. Which Clubs contribute to the Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme?

Participating clubs in the Cumberland Local Government Area (LGA) include:

  • Auburn Soccer Sports Club
  • Auburn Tennis and Recreation Club
  • DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club
  • Granville Diggers
  • Guildford Leagues
  • Club Merrylands Bowling
  • Merrylands RSL
  • Wenty Leagues

5. Is my organisation able to apply for the ClubGRANTS Scheme?

The Clubs for Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme provides funding to organizations or groups that:

  • are legally incorporated or are an auspice (sponsor) for an unincorporated organisation
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • are not-for-profit, community based organisations; schools and local government
  • have proof of appropriate insurance policies, including public liability insurance;
  • have submitted a final ‘Funding Recipient Report’ or a ‘Progress Report’ for any previous projects funded by the Auburn, Holroyd and part of Parramatta ClubGRANTS Scheme

6. I work for an organisation based in another state. Can I apply?

ClubGRANTS funding provides community support at a local level. Interstate projects are allowed as Category 1 funding only in the cases of: services to disaster victims in other Australian states or territories (conditions apply; please consult the ClubGRANTS Guidelines); local activities in border areas.

7. How can I apply for the 2021 Clubs for Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme?

Applications can be submitted online at when the round is open. Late applications will not be accepted.

8. Why does the Application Form ask whether applying organisations are “non-profit” and “incorporated”?

This is to prevent for-profit organisations from applying. The ClubGRANTS scheme does not support private enterprise.

The question of whether an organisation is incorporated or not is to ensure that funding recipients can be accountable for monies received. If an unincorporated organisation wishes to apply for funding, the applicant may form a link with an incorporated organisation that is able to endorse or “auspice” the application, i.e. assume legal and financial responsibility for the grant.

9. Is GST applied to grants received from ClubGRANTS?

No. GST is not applied to grants received from ClubGRANTS.

10. When do projects need to be delivered?

Funded projects should begin from 1 September 2021 and be completed by 31 August 2022.

11. What are the funding priorities for 2021?

  • Social Cohesion and Participation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Education and Employment
  • Community Safety
  • Youth
  • Sustainability

12. Does ClubGRANTS funding have to be for a project?

Not necessarily. Eligible expenditure can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • one-off funding to buy equipment;
  • extended or one-off staffing costs, such as training or wages for a new counsellor for a youth drop-in centre; and/ or
  • in-kind support, such as occasional or ongoing use of club facilities for meetings or other activities.

However, it is important that funding be assigned to a specific purpose. General, non-specific allocations are not appropriate, and applicants need to identify how any funding sought under ClubGRANTS will be expended.

13. We receive some Government funding. Does this mean we can’t apply?

The ClubGRANTS Application Guidelines state that “As a general rule, it is important that funding preference is not given to projects or services that can be readily assisted by an existing Government funding program.” This is meant to prevent funding of core Federal, State or Local Government responsibilities, but does not rule out funding of other programs or services with some Government involvement. For example, a project that has received a one-off grant or is only partially supported by Government funding would generally be allowable.

14. How do I create an account?

Visit and click on “create new Account and follow the instructions.

15. How will applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed using the assessment criteria outlined on page 12 of the 2021 Clubs for Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme Guidelines.

16. When will I know if my application is successful?

Applicants will be notified by August 2021.

17. When will the organisation receive funding?

Organisation will receive funding by the end of August 2021.

18. What are the conditions for successful applicants?

  • Money must be spent on project applied for.
  • The grant must be used for the purpose described in the application. Changes to the project need to be approved by the funding Club.
  • Successful applicants with projects funded over $10,000 will be required to sign a contract which may contain additional specific conditions.
  • Report on project outcomes must be submitted within 15 months of the grant being awarded.
  • Proof of public liability insurance is required prior to the grant be paid.

19. What supporting documents should be included with the application?

Applicants can submit a copy of the Organisation’s Constitution or Statement of Aims and Objectives, most recent Annual Report, Statement of Income and Expenditure, two quotes for equipment purchases, Project Partners Acknowledgement Form(s) (if the project is being delivered in a partnership).

20. I am having technical problems linking to the ClubGRANTS application form. Who can help?

For technical problems, please call ClubGRANTS Online directly on 1300 730 001 (Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm AEST) or select the “contact us” tab to s end send an email and quote your application number.

21. Who can I speak to about my Cumberland ClubGRANTS applications?

For any further information contact the Cumberland ClubGRANTS Scheme Local Convenor: phone on 02 8757 9800 or email

22. Can I download my application before submission?

Yes. You can review, edit and save your application any time before submission.

23. Can I change my application after submission?

No. Once you select “Submit”, no further edits can be made.

24. What will happen if my project is funded by multiple clubs?

Applicants that receive funding for the same project from multiple clubs will need to complete a funding agreement for each club (for amounts above $10,000).

25. The club which gave my organisation ClubGRANTS support is asking me to complete an acquittal report and statutory declaration. Am I required to submit this documentation to the club?

The ClubGRANTS Guidelines obligate clubs to request an acquittal report from recipients of $500 or more. If ClubGRANTS support is $7,500 or more, the club must request a statutory declaration from the recipient, in addition to the acquittal report. If your organisation received ClubGRANTS support for a project that is not completed by 31 August of the following year, you must submit a progress report accompanied by a statutory declaration if the support is $7,500 or more.

If your organisation submits a progress report, you must submit an acquittal report in the year that the project is complete (note that the club’s tax year is from 1 September to 31 August). If you fail to submit the requisite acquittal documentation, the club is prohibited from providing ClubGRANTS support to your organisation in future years.