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Pool Safety Guide

The Five-Step Process

Step 1: Understand Pool Safety Laws

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children. With over 300,000 backyard swimming pools in NSW, swimming pool safety is vital.

In NSW, private or ‘backyard’ swimming pool safety is legislated by the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the Swimming Pools Regulation 2008.

The Act was introduced to improve pool safety for children. However, laws requiring pool barriers and warning notices are just one part of pool safety. Also crucial are maintaining the pool barrier, keeping entry points secure, appropriate adult supervision, teaching young children to swim and resuscitation (CPR) training.

Step 2: Understand Pool Safety Standards

The NSW Office of Local Government has developed swimming pool safety information kits in 15 different languages. To download a kit, please visit their website.

Step 3: Complete a Self-Assessment of Your Swimming Pool

If you are swimming pool owner, please visit the NSW Swimming Pool Register for pool inspection self-assessment checklists.

If you are a tenant of a property that houses a swimming pool, please contact your landlord to ensure that the pool has a current Compliance Certificate for the pool safety barrier fencing.

Step 4: Register Your Swimming Pool

Please visit the NSW Swimming Pool Register to register your pool. You will need to complete an online form, which asks your name, address, contact details, the type of pool you own and the approximate age of your pool. You will also need to attach your self-assessment of your pool.

Penalties apply for the owners of non-registered swimming pools.

Step 5: Obtain a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

You will need to obtain a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance Application Form if you are:

  • A swimming pool owner who will sell or lease your property from 29 April 2015
  • The owner or landlord of a tourist and visitor accommodation and / or multi-occupancy developments with a swimming pool

Our Building Services Team can carry out swimming pool safety inspections and issue Compliance Certificates.

For more information, please contact Council on 8757 9000.