Justice of the Peace (JP) visits

All Justice of the Peace services are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Justice of the Peace services are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About JPs

Justice of the Peace are people who are authorised to witness and sign statutory declarations, affidavits and certify legal documents, such as migration documents.

These people are volunteers and their availability can change with little notice.

Before you visit

  • Check you have the correct Declaration Form
  • The Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration Form is used for all Commonwealth
  • Matters – such as immigration and family law
  • The NSW Statutory Declaration Form is used for all NSW matters
  • With Declarations relating to Police Penalty Fines, the person holding the fine should attend the meeting with the JP

When certifying documents

  • Make sure the whole document is copied
  • Bring the original document with you
  • Documents in a non-English language need to be copied in the presence of the JP
  • Documents in English can be copied before meeting with a JP to save time