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Planning Proposal and amendment to Holroyd DCP 2013 for 108 Station Street, Wentworthville

Council has prepared a Planning Proposal to amend Holroyd Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 for land at 108 Station Street, Wentworthville. The planning proposal seeks to increase the maximum building height to part 29m (8 storeys) and part 41m (12 storeys), increase the maximum floor space ratio to 4.5:1 and rezone part of the site to SP2 Infrastructure (to be dedicated as a laneway), to facilitate mixed-use development.

As part of the planning proposal a Voluntary Planning Agreement has been negotiated between Council and the proponent to facilitate the delivery of the proposed laneway.

To support the proposed LEP amendment Council has also prepared draft site-specific development controls, which would form an amendment to Holroyd Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013.

This community consultation period for the planning proposal, VPA and draft development controls has now ended. Council resolved in February 2017 to proceed with the proposed LEP amendment as outlined above, including a minimum 0.9:1 non-residential FSR to ensure activation of Station Street and the laneway, and to finalise the VPA. The outcomes of the community consultation in relation to the proposed development controls will be reported to the Cumberland Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel and to Council in the coming weeks.

The planning proposal, draft VPA, proposed DCP controls and associated documents can be viewed below:

Please note that submissions received by Council may be made publicly available and may be published on Council’s website and in other publications.

For further information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 02 8757 9000.