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Planning Proposal request for 2 Percy Street, Auburn (PP-2/2017)

The PPR is lodged by the Proponent’s Consultant ‘Architecture Design Studio Pty Ltd’ on behalf of the land owner who has nominated the ‘Gallipoli Education Solutions Limited’ as the proponent for this proposal. Council is exhibiting the Planning Proposal Request (PPR) in accordance with the adopted ‘Cumberland Council’s Planning Proposal Notification Policy’ prior to the proposal being considered by the Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (Cumberland IHAP), and at a Council meeting.

The Planning Proposal request aims:

  • To provide a new school (educational establishment) to cater for the growth of the school- aged population within the locality; and
  • To provide opportunities for culturally aligned education programs for the Muslim Community that caters for the diverse needs of the wider Auburn and Cumberland Community.

This Planning Proposal request (PPR) seeks to amend the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 to introduce an ‘educational establishment’ as an additional permissible use for 2 Percy Street, Auburn, and increase the existing floor space ratio from 1:1 to 1.2:1 to facilitate the future redevelopment of the site via use of the existing building.

The PP request is being sought by the Proponent because ‘educational establishments’ are currently prohibited under the subject site’s existing IN2 Light Industrial zoning. The proposed amendment does not make a change to the subject site’s existing zoning and Height of Buildings (HoB) under the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010.

The planning proposal request and supporting information can be viewed below:

For further information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planner, Harinee De Silva on 9735 1232.