Granville Swimming Centre 25 metre pool will be closed from 5am, Tuesday 14 December to 3pm, Friday 17 December, to repair cracked program pool water return lines.


Planning Proposal for Wentworthville Centre and Draft Development Controls

The Wentworthville Centre Planning Proposal and the draft development controls are needed to support the revitalisation of Wentworthville Centre, and reflect Council’s adopted Wentworthville Planning and Place Making Strategy.

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Holroyd Local Environmental Plan 2013 for the Wentworthville Centre by:

  • Amending floor space ratio (FSR) controls;
  • Amending maximum height of building (HOB) controls;
  • Implement design excellence provisions for new buildings in part of the Centre; and
  • Identifying certain land to be rezoned to SP2 Infrastructure, and acquired by Council, to facilitate the Dunmore Street Plaza and road bypass projects.

The draft development controls are to guide the design of structures and the broader place and amenity outcomes in the Centre for the community and will form an amendment to the Holroyd Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013.

The public exhibition period has closed.

The key documentation associated with the Planning Proposal Request includes:

Background documents