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Public Exhibition – Draft Cumberland Employment and Innovation Lands Strategy and Land Use Planning Framework 2017

Council seeks community comments on the Draft Employment and Innovation Lands Strategy an Land Use Planning Framework 2017 . The draft Strategy will be on exhibition for six weeks from Friday 22 September 2017 to Friday 3 November 2017 to allow for public comments.


On 3 August 2016, Council resolved that a comprehensive employment lands strategy and framework for the newly amalgamated Cumberland Local Government Area (LGA) be prepared.  The strategy was to set the direction for employment and innovation land within the amalgamated LGA.  It was also to incorporate appropriate detail relating to the recent work that had been undertaken prior to amalgamation by the former Auburn and Parramatta Councils in 2015 and 2016 respectively, while also fulfilling the Strategic Planning work program endorsed by the former Holroyd Council which provided that a review of its employment strategy be carried out during 2016/17.

On 6 September 2017, the Draft Employment and Innovation Lands Strategy and Land Use Planning Framework 2017 was reported to Council. The administrator resolved that:

  1. Council place the Draft Cumberland Employment and Innovation Lands Strategy and Land Use Planning Framework 2017 on public exhibition for a period of six weeks between September and October 2017; and
  2. A report be brought back to Council on the outcomes of the public exhibition.

Draft Cumberland Employment and Innovation Strategy and Land Use Planning Framework 2017

The Draft Employment and Innovation Lands Strategy and Land Use Planning Framework 2017 has been prepared to assist Council in strategic planning for the economically significant employment and innovation lands located across the Cumberland Council local government area. The LGA extends from Lidcombe in the east to Greystanes and Girraween in the west and from Toongabbie / Wentworthville in the north to Regents Park and Guildford in the south. It also borders Parramatta local government area to the north.

The draft Strategy addresses council’s aspiration to create more jobs across a wider range of sectors consistent with its Community Strategic Plan 2017 -2027. It also seeks to support businesses and industries located in the LGA to innovate, grow and create new knowledge jobs for a growing tertiary educated population. Existing industrial businesses are also encouraged to grow and diversify to provide additional opportunities for the population.

The draft strategy aims to promote stronger and innovative employment, business and economic outcomes for Cumberland LGA through the development of a land use planning framework that responds to a number of important aspirations for the LGA.  These include:

  • fostering growth in priority productive sectors to leverage the diversity and skills of the local community;
  • fostering an innovation eco-system and knowledge-intensive industrial sector that attracts investment and growth; and
  • developing a proactive strategy to defend against pressure to rezone and repurpose employment and innovation lands to residential uses.

The draft strategy provides a firm understanding of the environment and economic conditions under which knowledge-based industrial sectors can develop and thrive over time, and the implications for employment generation in Cumberland LGA.  It also identifies how the planning framework can respond so as to deliver an environment that is conducive for investment and innovation.  Ultimately, the draft strategy makes recommendations for planning interventions and economic development initiatives.

View the draft Strategy

The draft Strategy can be downloaded here:


Written Submissions (email preferred) must be addressed to Cumberland Council’s Interim General Manager via or

Alternatively by mail: Interim General Manager, Cumberland Council, PO Box 42 MERRYLANDS NSW 2160.