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Many homes in the Cumberland Council area built before 1990 will contain asbestos. This is a dangerous mineral that was added to many building materials because it helped to strengthen them, as well as provide other benefits including improved insulation and heat-resistance.

Asbestos poses a risk to your health if the tiny fibres are inhaled so keeping your home well maintained and managing risk during home renovations is essential.

Free asbestos collection

Cumberland Council offers its residents a free asbestos collection, designed to collect small amounts (maximum 10 square metres)  of loose, non-friable asbestos laying dormant on residential properties.

The program has been developed by Council to offer a lawful, convenient disposal solution for these small quantities of asbestos, generated as a result of minor renovations and/or repairs.

To find out more, or to book in please call Council on 8757 9000.

Be alert about asbestos

Call Council straight away if you:

  • find some dumped asbestos
  • see someone dumping asbestos
  • are concerned about how someone in the community is removing asbestos

You can contact the Council on 8757 9000 or, for an interpreter service, 13 14 50.

More information

Please go to our Asbestos Answers website for more information, including about the following topics:

  • History and danger of asbestos
  • Illegal dumping of asbestos
  • Renovating homes which may contain asbestos
  • Council services to help you manage asbestos