Reducing Your Waste

Cumberland Council strongly encourages its community to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill by recycling or re-using materials.

By doing this, everyone can reduce the many negative environmental impacts of landfills (otherwise known as tips) and contribute to a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable society.

Waste Reduction Tips

As our population expands, the environment is under considerable pressure to meet the demands of our growing society – that is, it is struggling to keep up with all the food we eat, and the products we keep buying. We also need to reduce waste because we are running out of room to put all of the waste that our society generates.

We can all help conserve available landfill space, and minimise the need to extract resources from the natural environment by following these waste reduction tips.

  • Be a smart shopper – avoid buying over-packaged items; buy items made from recycled content; buy less disposable items; ‘SAY NO’ to plastic bags; and don’t buy things you can live without.
  • Recycle everything we possibly can.
  • Compost your green waste, newspaper/paper and fruit and vegetable scraps.
  • Give good quality, unwanted items to charity.
  • Try some natural cleaning solutions to minimise the need to buy costly cleaning agents. Visit Safer Solutions for helpful tips.
  • Contact the Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136 for a free NO JUNK MAIL sticker.
  • Register with the Australian Direct Marketing Organisation to stop the delivery of junk mail.
  • Take advantage of local recycling programs for items not accepted in your recycle bin, such as plastic bags, mobile phones, printer cartridges and E-waste.

To learn more, you can:

  • Visit the Council’s Love Your Leftovers website, which shows how you can reduce food waste and cook amazing meals at the same time. The website shows how you can buy the famous Love Your Leftovers cookbook and download the app.
  • Watch our Composting and Worm Farming videos.