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Tree Management

Trees play a critically important role in Sydney’s urban environment.

Trees help to filter water, combat salinity, provide clean air and shade from the sun and increase flows into local creeks and rivers. They also provide food and shelter to Australia’s unique wildlife and are an integral part of our biodiversity.

Cumberland Council seeks, where possible, to retain existing trees and grow new trees.

Removing or pruning trees
Applications to remove or prune trees on private property, covered by the relevant sections of council’s development control plan, require the Application for Approval to Prune/Remove a Tree/s and/or Vegetation.

In general, the council will not support the removal of trees simply because:

  • The dropping of leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds or small elements of Deadwood
  • The obstruction of light by a street tree
  • The use of a tree for habitat by native birds, possums, bats, ants and the like

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The council does not mediate disputes between neighbours regarding trees. Conflict over the management of private trees in neighbouring properties is the responsibility of both neighbours to resolve.

Where attempts for mediation between parties has failed, the opportunity exists for an owner of land to apply to the NSW Land and Environment Court, under the provisions of the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 , for an order to remedy, restrain or prevent damage to the owner’s property, or to prevent injury, as a consequence of a tree situated on adjoining land.

Encouraging new trees

Council supports and will promote the benefits of sustaining a well-forested urban environment with aesthetic, environmental and financial gains for the local government area.

Council will continue to seek new opportunities for tree planting and aim to increase the local tree canopy.

The former Auburn council in 2012 adopted a Tree Policy and Framework, which sought to increase the tree canopy in Auburn.