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Community Safety

Road Safety

An adopted combined approach of education, engineering and enforcement strengthens Council’s active role in making community roads safer. This is to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents by targeting specific high-risk road user groups with localised information.

Community Safety and Access Audit Report and Recommendations

On Sunday 25 June 2017 a meeting was held with Community members from the Pemulwuy area, due to an increase in reports to the Police about antisocial behaviour and safety concerns within the area. On July 05 2017 a preliminary site safety audit was carried out by Council staff and Holroyd Local Area Command’s Crime Prevention Officer.

On the 10 October 2017 Council carried out a Community Safety and Access Audit of the Pemulwuy Area in partnership with Police from Holroyd Local Area Command, local residents and businesses in response to the concerns raised by Police, residents and the findings from the preliminary site safety audit.

An Access Audit was also carried out at the same time by Council staff and a local community representative. The audits were combined because safety and accessibility are often closely interrelated, for example trip hazards, clear lines of sight, signage and lighting can all be considered issues of both safety and accessibility