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What is Council doing

Cumberland Council is taking a stand against Domestic Violence.

Council recognises that addressing and preventing domestic and family violence effectively in our community involves a whole of community approach. This involves working together with the police, community groups and services.

It also involves short and long term strategies to address the underlying drivers of violence. This includes supporting local services and community groups who provide crisis and intervention support for those experiencing domestic and family violence. It also involves raising community awareness and developing long term strategies to drive cultural change.

Domestic and Family Violence is a key priority of the Cumberland Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan (Priority 5).

Some of the ways that Council is responding:

  • Grants for not-for profit organisations to prevent and respond to domestic violence within the community.
  • Training and support for community workers, community leaders and advocates to recognise and respond effectively to domestic and family violence.
  • Programs in schools - Council partners with the police and local youth services and schools to deliver Love Bites (Respectful Relationship) and Rock and Water programs in local schools to support the primary prevention of DFV.
  • Improving collaboration and partnerships amongst local services and community groups such as through forums and supporting community networks and interagencies.
  • Community awareness raising and education initiatives targeted to high needs and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
  • Policies and initiatives to raise awareness and support staff within Council experiencing domestic and family violence.

For more information about ways you can get involved, please contact Council’s Community Development and Planning Team or see the actions identified in the Cumberland Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.