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Help design Cumberland’s first Community Engagement Strategy


General news
Media Release - 7 March 2018

Council is calling on the community to help co-design Cumberland’s first Community Engagement Strategy by participating in a short online survey open at until 31 March 2018.

Mayor Greg Cummings encouraged residents, ratepayers and visitors to have their say on how they want to be engaged during the development of Council’s future plans, policies and programs.

“Best practice community engagement seeks input from participants in designing how they participate,” Mayor Cummings said.

“The purpose of the survey is to gather information that will assist with the co-design of Cumberland Council’s first Community Engagement Strategy.

“We want to know why, when and in what way you want to engage. We want to improve Council’s provision of information to the community and opportunities to participate in Council’s decision-making process.

“Ultimately the goal is that Council’s plans, policies and programs better reflect the interests and concerns of the community, and that we promote sustainable decisions by recognising and communicating the needs and interests of all participants, including decision-makers.

“If you want to help shape the future of Cumberland, please visit and take the survey. We want the information collected to be as representative of the community as possible.”

In February, Councillors endorsed a draft Community Engagement Policy - principles that guide all of Council’s community engagement practices - for Public Exhibition on Council’s website. The document remains available for review and comment until 9 March 2018.

Results of the Public Exhibition period and Community Engagement Survey, will be reported back to Council later in the year, and help inform the development of a Community Engagement Strategy.

The draft strategy will also be placed on Public Exhibition for review and comment before being adopted and implemented by Council.