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Mayor wishes everyone happy Ramadan


General news
Mayoral Column - 22 May 2018

Cumberland Council is fortunate to be one of the most diverse Local Government Areas in Sydney with people from many different backgrounds living side by side. Of the 220,000 people who call Cumberland home, nearly half were born overseas, more than 60% speak a language other than English and our ancestors can be traced to over 150 countries.

In Cumberland we welcome everyone. Cumberland’s cultural diversity is something to be proud of and occasions such as Ramadan provide us a great opportunity to celebrate it. Ramadan is a time for reflection, forgiveness and renewing faith. It is a time that families and neighbours come together to share the Iftar meal each day and a chance to connect with the community.

As a Council we are determined for Cumberland to be a place where everyone can belong. This is why we have commissioned banners wishing residents a happy Eid, as we will for other major religious and cultural festivals. You may see these banners hanging around your community, just as you may have seen banners for Reconciliation Week, Easter, and Diwali. These banners are just one way we can use Ramadan to share community experiences and learn more about the cultural traditions of many people who call Cumberland home.

I send my best wishes to everyone observing Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak!