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National Science Week is coming to Cumberland libraries


General news
Media Release - 8 August 2018

Did you know that light can be used to pick up and hold a single blood cell?

Did you realise that single-celled algae, or ‘pond scum’, can be used to fight cancer? Are you interested in how traditional Chinese medicine can benefit our health in a modern age? For all of these answers and more visit Cumberland libraries during National Science Week, Thursday 9 August - Thursday 16 August.

Mayor Greg Cummings said that National Science Week was a great opportunity for Cumberland residents of all ages to learn more about the world around us and appreciate the contributions of science to our knowledge.

“Science is not only fun and interesting it also has positive cultural and economic impacts on our society, advancing our understanding of areas including medicine, the environment, how our cities are built, the transport we use and the food we eat every day,” Mayor Greg Cummings said.

“Cumberland libraries are already the hubs of knowledge and learning in our community. The range of events on offer at our libraries during National Science Week are available to enhance our understanding and inspire a desire for more knowledge about our world.

“Our libraries will be hosting scientific experts in a range of fields. By registering online for the talks, guests will be able to hear from physicist Professor David McGloin on how light is used to probe the microscopic world; PhD candidate Navpreet Kaur Walia on how algae is saving the world; PhD candidate Margaret Wu on the wonders of Chinese medicine; and PhD candidate Ellery Johnson for fascinating discussions about the impacts of changing marine environments on our fish.

“I encourage all Cumberland residents to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to hear some of our greatest minds speak during Science Week in Cumberland libraries.”

Science Week activities hosted at Cumberland libraries include: