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Soil collection at Wentworthville Public School

Soil collection at Wentworthville Public School


General news
6 November 2017 – Media Release

The War Memorial Soil Collection Program being undertaken by one of Australia’s most prominent contemporary artist, Fiona Hall, endeavours to collect soil from every location around Australia where there was an enlistee in WWI.

Wentworthville Public School is one of 11 sites, including five schools – yet to be announced – across Cumberland where soil will be collected. In October, the first local soil sample was taken from Granville War Memorial. 

These soil samples will be displayed in the new Hall of Service at the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park where visitors will be able to view interesting information on each listed location via digital devices.

Information will include the details and date the local soil was collected, the names of every enlistee who gave that location as their home address, and pinpointed maps showing the local area and its surrounding memorials and schools.

“To have so many sites across Cumberland is a nod to the brave people that lived in the area a century ago,” Mayor Cummings said.

“These families were vital to building the spirit of our area, and while Cumberland has significantly changed from the agricultural centre it used to be, the same spirit is still reflected in the people that live here today.

“Soil from Cumberland suburbs will soon proudly sit within the new Hall of Service at the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park.

“The samples collected from Cumberland will encapsulate Cumberland’s early history.”