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Draft Auburn and Lidcombe Town Centre Strategy

The Draft Auburn and Lidcombe Town Centres Strategy builds on recent local and district strategies. It will be used to guide a future planning proposal to amend the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 (ALEP) to increase the maximum height of buildings in a number of precincts within the two centres to improve the relationship between the floor space ratios and heights of new developments. It also proposes a small number of changes to zoning and floor space ratio controls.

View the draft Strategy

The draft Strategy can be downloaded here:

Appendix A – Auburn Town Centre Precincts – T110405/2016 (PDF, 440.48 KB) and Lidcombe Town Centre Precincts T110406/2016 (PDF, 357.33 KB).

Reports and minutes of the Cumberland Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel and Council can be found at:

Sites affected by the Strategy

For further information, please contact Terri Southwell, Senior Strategic Planner, Cumberland Council on 9735 1309.