Discover Cumberland Workshops and Bus Tour

Join a free workshop or bus tour to find out more about Cumberland and the services offered by Council.

You can book or attend one of Cumberland City Council’s free Community Education Programs called “Discover Cumberland”. Residents can participate in tailored interactive workshops or bus tours, in simple English, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Dari, Farsi, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Somali.

Who is this program for?

Everyone! But we also tailor it especially for:

  • Newly arrived residents
  • Community groups who speak languages other than English
  • People from refugee/asylum seeking backgrounds
  • Parent groups
  • School groups
  • Seniors
  • People with disability

Discover Cumberland Program Benefits

Benefits of participating in the “Discover Cumberland” program include:

  • Learn about the services, programs, and activities offered by Cumberland City Council
  • Know how you can access Council’s services
  • Understand Council’s waste services to help you dispose of unwanted items responsibly
  • Find out about Councils facilities, such as libraries, community centres, and swimming pools
  • Find out more about our local community and meet others
  • Get to know local attractions in the area
  • Find out how you can have your say on the decisions made by Council
  • Have your questions answered about Council answered

Discover Cumberland Community Education Workshops

Community Education Workshops run for 1 to 2 hours and caters for groups of 15 to 40 people.

Workshops can be delivered at either a Council venue or your venue and provide information on a range of Council Services including:

  • An overview of the Council and the 3 levels of Government in Australia.
  • Outline the services that Cumberland City Council provides to the community.
  • An overview of the Council’s waste services.
  • Showcase the Cumberland community.
  • Provide detailed information on specific Council Services as requested, such as services for newly arrived migrants, services for older residents or people with disability, waste services and more. Please note, this is dependent on staff availability.

Discover Cumberland Bus Tours

Discover Cumberland Bus Tours are offered to Cumberland Residents on a quarterly basis and run for 3 to 4 hours.

Bus tours provide an opportunity for participants to explore various facilities and services the Council offers to its residents. They can be tailored to the requirements and areas of interest to each group - for example: services for newly arrived migrants, services for older residents or people with disability, waste and other services.

Register Your Interest

To make an enquiry or request a group workshop or bus tour, please email