Enjoy Hello Kitty shows, listen to traditional music, experience Japanese flower arranging, watch belly and lion dancing, see hula hooping, bonsai talks and more.

Twice Daily

Hello Kitty Stage Shows

Celebrating 50 years, we welcome Hello Kitty to the Festival Stage.

Everyday at 12pm and 2pm

Weekends Only

George and Noriko

Japanese underground rock and roll crossover favourites, George and Noriko rock hard. George’s lightning fast blues licks and growling harmonica with Noriko’s Japanese banjo creates bluegrass hard country blues with a Japanese twist. Returning by incredibly popular demand.

Saturday 17 at 11am and 2:30pm | Sunday 18 at 11am and 3pm | Saturday 24 at 1pm and 3pm | Sunday 25 at 1pm and 3pm 


Ikebana Demonstrations

Nikki Zeng from Peony Story joins us onstage to talk about the art of Japanese flower arranging – Ikebana and learn about the three pillars of the art, sky man and earth.

Everyday at 10am

Select times and days

YuNiOn Taiko

A fun, open and soulful journey through the high-spirited energy of the Japanese taiko drums, blended with percussive sounds and festive song and dance. At Cherry Blossom YuNiOn invites you to be part of the show.

Saturday 17 at 1pm | Sunday 18 at 1pm | Monday 19 at 12:15pm | Tuesday 20 at 12pm | Wednesday 21 at 12pm | Thursday 22 at 12pm | Friday 23 at 12pm | Saturday 24 at 11am | Sunday 25 at 11am

Various days and times

Helwa Bellydance

Hikaru Shine is a Fusion Dancer from Japan, specialising in Japanese Fusion Bellydance. Her unique style blends traditional Japanese dance elements with belly dancing, featuring silk and traditional Japanese fans.

Sunday 18 at 10:50am and 12:30pm | Monday 19 at 9:50am and 11:30am | Tuesday 20 at 9:50am and 11:30am | Wednesday 21 at 9:50am and 11am | Thursday 22 at 9:50am and 11am | Friday 23 at 9:50am and 10:50am | Saturday 24 at 9:50am and 10:50am | Sunday 25 at 9:50am and 10:50am



KiZUNA is an acoustic trio formed by sister vocalists Angelina, Jessica and acoustic guitarist Oliver. They debuted as a trio at SMASH! 2022 and have primarily dedicated themselves to performing covers representing their love for Japanese pop music, animation and culture.

Saturday 17 at 9:30am | Sunday 18 at 9:30am | Saturday 24 at 9:20am | Sunday 25 at 9:20am

Various days and times

Andrew Levins

Andrew Levins is a DJ, writer, collector, and creator. He cut his teeth as one of the inaugural DJs on FBi Radio in Sydney, has played every major Australian music festival and toured with the likes of Diplo, Childish Gambino and The Vengaboys.  Andrew's love of Japanese music genre City Pop reverts to an afternoon of Cherry Vibes sure to compliment your visit.

Monday 19 at 1:05pm | Tuesday 20 at 1:20pm | Wednesday 21 at 1:45pm | Thursday 22 at 1:30pm | Friday 23 at 1pm 

For one day only

Shiho Sparkle

Shiho Sparkle Hooper aka Happy Hoopy Life, originally from Osaka, Japan, is an international performance artist travelling to many countries - even hula-hooping in Antarctica with penguins! Shiho is now based in Sydney.

Wednesday 21 at 11:25am and 1pm

Various days and times

Eisa Champroo – Okinawan Lion Dance

Eisa is an Okinawan folk dance, traditionally performed with drums and lion dance during the festive season of Obon to honour the spirits of their ancestors. Eisa Champ Roo dances a modern, creative style of Eisa that incorporates traditional elements along with Okinawan Japanese pop music.

Saturday 17 at 12:30pm and 3:30pm | Sunday 25 at 2:30pm and 4pm

Various days and times

Horticultural Talks

Quah Bonsai

The true origins of the Bonsai - presented by Andrew Quah

Saturday 17 at 4pm | Sunday 18 at 2:30pm

Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery

A much sought after Bonsai aficionado, Clinton makes the Art of Bonsai accessible to all - presented by Clinton Nesci

Monday 19 at 11am and 11:45am | Tuesday 20 at 11am and 12:50pm 

The Bonsai Society of Australia

Various presenters, Founded in 1965, the Bonsai Society of Australia provide an outlet and education on the love and caring of your own Bonsai family.

Thursday 22 at 1pm | Friday 23 at 11am | Saturday 24 at 12:30pm | Sunday 25 at 12:30pm