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Environmental Assessment Program

Cumberland Council conducts regular inspections of industrial sites. This is called the Environmental Assessment Program. Businesses are required to take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution from occurring and to protect the environment. These steps include:

  • showing that all that could have been reasonably done to prevent an incident from occurring has been done;
  • ensuring that only clean water flows down the drains on or around the site;
  • only industrial waste water for which you have a trade waste agreement may be discharged to sewer;
  • ensuring your waste is properly stored on your site, and then properly disposed of by a licensed contractor;
  • ensuring all employees and sub-contractors are aware of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 as YOU are legally responsible for all pollution that occurs on your premises;
  • ensuring that offensive noise does not occur at any time;
  • not letting excessive fumes, dust or smoke escape into the air and cause air pollution.

More information

For further information, the NSW EPA provides specific guidance and advice to several industries including, but not limited to: