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Cumberland Council works with residents and businesses to protect and enhance our local natural environment. By doing this, the council can ensure this environment is healthy and safe not only for today's community but for the communities of tomorrow.

The Cumberland Council area is located on Sydney’s Cumberland Plain, which extends from Ashfield to the Blue Mountains.

Over 200 years ago, woodlands across the Cumberland Plain covered some 122,000 hectares. Today, just eight per cent of this woodland coverage is left.

Due to the expansion of urban development, the remaining woodlands are typically small and isolated pockets threatened by weed invasion, mowing and further clearing. It is for this reason that Cumberland Council seeks, where possible, to retain existing and grow new trees.

The council is also home to some regionally significant natural waterways which drain to the Parramatta and Georges Rivers. These waterways include Duck Creek, Prospect Creek, Haslam’s Creek and Greystanes Creek.

How residents can help

Residents can all do something to improve the biodiversity of Cumberland. Here are some examples:

If you wish to remove a tree, you must work with Council's Tree Management (PDF, 193.04 KB) team.