Urban Greening and Cooling - The role of the gardener

Date & Time

Tue 30 Aug 2022 to Sat 1 Oct 2022
09:00pm to 05:00pm


All ages



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Available to watch online until 1 October 2022, discover how gardens can reduce urban heat and the effects of climate change with this free webinar.

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To view this recording of the 11 August webinar, use the link below then enter password cumberland18

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Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How the climate is going to change. What that means for our urban environments (Urban Heat Island Effect) and gardeners.
  • Why greening our cities and creating an Urban Forest will reduce further climate impacts and help humans and wildlife adapt to a changing climate.
  • The value of vegetation / green infrastructure in urban spaces, economically, socially, environmentally and for our health.
  • The urban forest’s role in urban sustainability and liveability
  • What we can do collectively as a society to green our urban spaces by gardening for wildlife and climate.
  • What gardeners can do practically to support this in their own gardens and in their wider community.

Event Organiser

Council Event

Cumberland City Council in partnership with Sustainable Gardening Australia