Mayoral community fund

The Cumberland City Council Mayoral Community Fund is designed to provide financial support to applicants for worthy causes that support positive community outcomes.

Council can help with community improvements

Funding may be allocated for activities or projects that benefit Council’s community and Local Government Area. The activity or project must deliver social, economic, cultural, recreational or environmental benefits to local communities. Applications can be made through the following 3 funding programs:

  • Community Support: The project/initiative supports the wellbeing of resident(s) of the Cumberland community, including severe hardship and disaster relief requests.
  • Community Initiatives: The project/initiative delivers positive social, economic, cultural, recreational or environmental benefits to resident(s) of the Cumberland community
  • Community Representation: The project/initiative aims to build a positive profile of Cumberland and/or support an individual, group or organisation to represent the Cumberland Local Government Area or community.

How to apply

The Mayoral fund covers applications where other Council financial support or grants programs are not suitable or available. Applications can be made by submitting an application form. All applications are approved at the discretion of the Mayor, and are subject to available funding. Eligibility does not guarantee application approval.

Register of approved applications

A register of approved applications under the Mayor Community Fund is maintained on our website.

Further information

For more information, please contact Council on 02 8757 9000 to speak to the Office of the Mayor or Council’s Governance team.