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4 June 2021

Granville revitalisation takes shape

The revitalisation of Granville is pushing ahead in leaps and bounds. On Tuesday, I was invited to cut the ribbon at the new Woolworths Metro in the Granville Place development, just 50m from the train station. They’ve recruited a team of 65 from the local area and the store has sustainability features including shading the fridges at night to reduce electricity. It’s in a fantastic new complex with specialty stores and cafes to service commuters and residents in the apartments above. It’s just 250m to council’s Swim Centre and The Granville Centre, so it’s in a perfect location. 

We’re starting to see the fruits of council’s labour to work with private industry to develop Granville into a fresh urban hub with all the trimmings. I’m still advocating to the state government to reinstate express trains from Granville to the city which I believe is a critical piece of the puzzle to build a connected and vibrant Granville. I call upon our local state members to remain present and put the needs of this electorate above others. At a minimum, our residents deserve that level of service.

Mayor Steve Christou with store manager Matt Cavanagh cutting the ribbon at the new Woolworths Metro in Granville.

Wherefore art thou Service NSW?

It’s more than two years since the state government promised a Service NSW Centre in Merrylands, to replace the RMS centre that was removed - we’re still waiting. I’ve followed this up with the state government (September 2019 and July 2020), enquiring as to when the promised Centre will be delivered. I’ve been ignored. Our community should be able to access a Service NSW Centre for basic requests like re-registering their car or renewing their drivers license, without having to drive 20-30 minutes to reach the nearest centre.

It is important that this Council continues to show strong leadership and that we continue to hold the NSW Government accountable for this failed promise. We have offered space in council’s new Granville Administration Building - but no response on that either. I will write to the Premier of NSW and Minister for Customer Service seeking their commitment to deliver the Service NSW Centre. I will also write our local state members asking for their support to significantly pick up their activities on this very important issue affecting our local community. I call upon our local state members to remain present and put the needs of this electorate above others at all times. At a minimum, our residents deserve that level of service.

Scan the QR code or visit the e-petition page, to sign the petition now.

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Welcome Mint Innovation

I’m excited to welcome Mint Innovation to Sydney for their first biorefinery in Australia. Our business engagement staff have worked closely with Mint to help them find a suitable property at Smithfield where they will extract metals like copper, iron, tin and gold from e-waste. They crush circuit boards from old mobile phones and computers to extract the metals, offering “green” recycled metals back to the market with a lower carbon footprint, reducing the need for new metals to be mined. We’re happy to be home to their first Australian plant, which will initially employ 25-30 people. They aim to open next year.

Mayor Steve Christou met Mint Innovation CEO and co-founder Will Barker. Mayor Christou holds a solid gold piece made from materials extracted from e-waste.

Tackling illegal trolley dumping

It has been well advertised that at Cumberland City Council we have been on a trolley campaign where we collect and crush abandoned shopping trolleys that have not been picked up by local retailers.

Cumberland City Council is not a ghetto and we will never tolerate this kind of behaviour. To date, we have collected over 2000 trolleys from our streets. This hard line approach has now started to pay dividends as Council was approached by one of the major retailers willing to work with Council to address this problem.

I would like to thank Woolworths for coming together with Council where positive discussions were held regarding a commitment to fulfil community responsibilities. Woolworths have given a commitment to Council that they will start taking the matter seriously and improve their efforts within the local area.

I hope that other retailers will start to take this matter seriously and join us in eliminating illegal dumping. At the moment, we collect the trolleys and notify the owners who have 28 days to collect them and pay the impound fees. If they are not collected, they are crushed and recycled. Woolworths is the only retailer taking the problem seriously and collecting their trolleys from us. We look forward to making more progress in this area to ensure our areas are clean and green. I’ll keep you updated.

Mayor Steve Christou with, from left, Lyn Hall from Trolley Tracker, Lisa McNish and Tracy Nichols from Woolworths.

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