Mayor Steve Christou’s Weekly Message

An insight into what's happening around our local community.

6 January 2020

Welcome to 2020

In what is going to be another big year for Cumberland City Council. I hope you had a fantastic time with loved ones during the festive season.

There were a lot of wins to celebrate for Cumberland last year and we’re ready for another great year to give Cumberland the city status it deserves.

Whether it’s Council working on the $23 million Granville multipurpose centre, upgrading Wentworthville’s pool or reconstructing Pendle Hill’s wetlands, we are here to service you.

Most importantly, we’re going back to basics. From new and improved footpaths and clean and tidy streets to providing excellent customer service and responding to you promptly, it’s the little things that count.

Mayor, Steve Christou

Truck blitz continues

Council is continuing to nab large and heavy trucks that are parking illegally on residential streets around Cumberland.

Residents don’t want large and heavy trucks parking in front of their home for lengthy periods of time and if truck owners can’t obey the parking laws, they are facing a $114 fine.

Parking rules apply to heavy vehicles (4.5 tonnes or more gross vehicle mass) or long vehicles (7.5 metres or longer).

Residents can report any incidents to Council on 02 8757 9000.

The blitz on trucks parking illegally continues.

Gearing up for Australia Day 2020

Australia Day celebrations will return to Holroyd Gardens this month and will be a day full of amazing entertainment and festivities that acknowledge the contribution that every Australian makes to our country.

This is an event that everyone can participate in, regardless of their background or culture. I look forward to providing you with more details on what we have in store for you, closer to the big day.

Mayor Steve Christou at a recent Citizenship Ceremony

Breakthrough gym’s Christmas party

It was great to attend Breakthrough gym’s Christmas party in Guildford along with my fellow Granville ward Councillor, Joe Rahme.

Breakthrough offers a range of personal training sessions and memberships at very affordable rates. I’m pleased to have such a great gym in the local area.

Mayor Steve Christou and Councillor Joe Rahme with the Breakthrough team.

Improvement in DA processing times for Cumberland

I’m pleased to report that Cumberland City Council is experiencing an improvement in processing times for development application.

Since the amalgamation process began in 2016, Cumberland City Council has been working hard to clear a backlog of development applications and we can see that the median processing time is starting to go down. This is largely due to the fact that Council has been doing a lot of work to review its processes, systems and planning controls to minimise the time required to assess and determine development applications.

During the 2018/19 financial year, Cumberland achieved a median processing time of 96 days, with almost half of development applications determined within 90 days.

We are very optimistic about the future in Cumberland. Last month, Merrylands was named as one of Sydney’s suburbs that are likely to experience a property boom due to increasing infrastructure and gentrification of the area.

With the development of a single Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan, I think we can expect to see further improvements in how long it takes for Council to assess development applications.

Our DA approval process is regaining momentum