Mayor Steve Christou’s Weekly Message

An insight into what's happening around our local community.

9 March 2020

A friendly match of cricket skills

Cumberland City Council and City of Parramatta Council will play in a friendly cricket match at George Parry Oval, Mona Park.

While it’s a friendly match, there is definitely a very competitive atmosphere between the two sides. This match was an old tradition between the former Parramatta and Holroyd Councils.

In a recent meeting, Parramatta Lord Mayor, Bob Dwyer, suggested that the losing side should suffer a consequence. I think that Parramatta should be required to give up their side of Granville if they lose!

Parramatta is quietly confident of a win but we shall see. The Cumberland team look forward to getting one over our Parramatta cousins and I look forward to keeping you posted in the lead up to the match.

Mayor Steve Christou and Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer

Being active and healthy pays off for kids

A huge thank you to year five and six students from Granville Public School and Merrylands Public School for participating in the Women in Sport Roadshow, which forms part of our Healthy Kids program.

These sessions wouldn’t be possible without the support of groups like Women NSW and Little Athletics NSW. We would also like to thank professional athlete and ambassador Tay-Leiha Clark for her support and helping us to get kids active.

These kids are our future generation, so being healthy and playing sport has never been more important.

Mayor Steve Christou with students for the Women in Sport Roadshow

Residents raise issue of illegal parking

I’m regularly approached by residents on a variety of issues - from footpaths and swimming pools, to housing, transport and health where residents would like Council’s support. It’s very important that as the Mayor, I’m accessible to ratepayers and hearing your concerns.

Following a recent session where a local resident raised concerns about illegal parking on Excelsior Street, Guildford, I can confirm that new parking bollards have been installed. Thank you to residents who raised their concerns with me during the Meet Your Mayor sessions.

Mayor Steve Christou inspects parking bollards on Excelsior Street, Guildford

Meet your Mayor

Our next sessions are planned for Tuesday, 10 March on the corner of Mary and South Street Granville (11am to 1pm) and Thursday, 12 March at Stockland Shopping Centre in Merrylands (10am to 1pm).

Residents are also free to make appointments to meet with me outside of these designated times. To discuss any concerns or ideas you can contact me on my mobile 0419 651 187, or contact Council on 02 8757 9000.

Mayor Steve Christou with local residents at a Meet Your Mayor session

Ramadan Street Food Festival

Auburn is set to be transformed into a vibrant food festival over one big night on 9 May 2020, as thousands of people celebrate Ramadan.

This food festival allows us to celebrate faith, reflection, hospitality, generosity and coming together as one community. It’s an incredible celebration for the residents of Auburn, it’s a beautiful atmosphere and it’s also extremely good for our local economy.

Please save the date and be sure to come down and see what Ramadan is all about.