National Volunteer Week 2020

Volunteers are a vital part of our community. We thank them for their commitment and community spirit.

18 May to 24 May 2020

The dates for National Volunteer Week 2020 are Monday 18 May to Sunday 24 May 2020 with the theme “Changing Communities. Changing Lives”.


Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training for Volunteers - 18 May 2020

This online training session to celebrate National Volunteering Week covers information on Aboriginal Australia, a history of Aboriginal-settler relations and protocols/strategies for engagement.

Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment - 20 May 2020

This interactive webinar focuses on the benefits of having volunteering experience when looking for a job.

Meet volunteers Jasmine and Mona

As part of National Volunteer Week in 2020, Council will be highlighting the extraordinary work of volunteers across the Cumberland City area.