Planning Proposal request for certain land at 9 and 11 Gelibolu Parade, Auburn (PP-3/2017)

The PPR is lodged by the Proponent’s consultant Smyth Planning on behalf of the landowner and proponent ‘Gallipoli Turkish Cultural Foundation Limited’. Council is exhibiting the Planning Proposal Request (PPR) in accordance with the adopted Cumberland Council’s Planning Proposal Notification Policy prior to the proposal being considered by the Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (Cumberland IHAP), and at a Council meeting.

The Planning Proposal request aims:

  • To provide a ‘café or restaurant’ as an additional permissible use within the approved Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) for its residents, staff, visitors, and also be an outside ‘café or restaurant’ facility for people who visit the area, and the immediate residential neighbourhood.

This Planning Proposal request (PPR) seeks to amend the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 to introduce a ‘café or restaurant’ use of less than 80m2 floor area as an additional permissible use as part of a ‘neighbourhood shop’ that is already approved within the Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF). 

The PP request is being sought by the Proponent because a ‘café or restaurant’ is currently prohibited under the subject site’s existing R2 Low Density Residential zoning. The proposed amendment does not make a change to the subject site’s existing zoning and principal development controls (Height of Buildings and Floor Space Ratio) under the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010.

View The planning proposal request including relevant appendices