Plant List

Our selection of plants includes various species of grevilleas, acacias, banksia and bottlebrush.



Care Instructions

Coast Banksia

Banksia integrifolia


A hardy and versatile garden plant, with vibrant yellow flowers

A tree which can grow anywhere between 5 metres to 25 metres (prune regularly to maintain at a desirable height)

Commonly spotted growing along sand dunes

Flowers during January to June

Great for attracting native birds

Evergreen (never drops its leaves)


Likes full sunlight

Survives in a range of soil types (dry, moist, and well drained)

Recommend to water (lightly) once a week

Doesn’t require regular fertilizer

Does not like frost


'Endeavour' – Bottlebrush

Callistemon citrinus


Large shrub

Grows between 2 to 3 metres in height

Beautiful red flowers, great for attracting native birds and bees

Evergreen  (never drops its leaves)


Prefers sunny conditions with light shade

Does not like frost

Prefers nutrient deficient soil type/clay soils, needs well drained soil

Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established (approximately 12 weeks)


Sydney Golden Wattle

Acacia longifolia

A medium shrub but can grow into a small tree (up to 6 metres), can easily be cut into a compact and tidy looking shrub

Thin, light green leaves

Fast growing, very hardy

Has small butter yellow flowers and flowering in late winter and spring

Likes well drained or sandy soil

Needs some watering during dry spells as it can die off during drought period

Frost and drought tolerant

Likes full sunlight

Parramatta Wattle

Acacia parramattensis

Shrub/ tree can grow between 2 to 15 metres

Unlike the Sydney Golden Wattle, the leaves are bipinnate (multiple leaves growing out of each other) and are dark green

Has cream ball shaped flowers and will flower in early spring

Frost hardy and an ideal plant for screening/hedging

Easy to maintain and fast growing

Prefers nutrient deficient soil

Prefers sunny conditions with light shade

Lightly prune to keep the plant looking compact and tidy

Apply a layer of mulch to keep the roots cool and reduce the impact of weeds

No fertiliser required

Water once a week until the plant establishes, once established the plant requires little watering

Mt Tamboritha

Grevillea lanigera

A ground cover plant with small mid green leaves

Produces small pink and white flower

Attracts bees, nectar eating birds and butterflies

Low maintenance plant, ideal for a courtyard, poolside, flower garden


Tolerates light frost and prefers dry, well-drained soil

Prefers full sunlight with light shade

Prefers nutrient deficient, well drained soil

New Blood

Grevillea juniperina

Low spreading groundcover shrub

Flowers are a deep red which is great for attracting native birds to the garden

This plant flowers for most of the year (Spring, Autumn and Winter)

Tolerates light frost and prefers full sunlight

Apply slow release fertiliser after buds appear

Prune after flowering

Captain Cook

Callistemon viminalis

Small, compact shrub grows to about 1.5 to 2 metres in height

Beautiful red flowers

Low maintenance plant that is drought resistant

Flowers in the spring and summer

Often used as a screening hedge or windbreaker

Tolerates light frost and prefers dry, well-drained soil

Prefers full sunlight with light shade

Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established (approximately 12 weeks)

Prune after plant has flowered


Kings Park Special


Very easy to maintain and fast growing

Evergreen shrub growing about 3 to 5metres high

Beautiful red flowers, flowering period spring - summer

Prefers well drain soils and is drought resistant

Prefers full sun

Prune after flowering

Prefers native fertlisers but doesn’t require it

Requires little watering

Woolly Bear Hero

Grevillea lanigera

Exquisite ground cover with cats claw shaped flowers

Flowers are pink and white in colour

Great for path edges and in rockeries

Prefers full sun or part shade

Prefers clay based and sandy soils, it is a very hardy ground cover

Well drained soil

Minimal pruning

Low pH fertiliser

Sea Spray




Low growing shrub

Red flowers, offset with grey foliage giving it a Seaspray effect

The leaves vary from broad needle or fern like

Flowers during winter - spring

This plant can also be grown in a pot

Frost tolerant once established and prefer full sun

Prefers well drained soil

Water during periods of drought, otherwise rainwater is sufficient to sustain this plant

No fertiliser required

How to collect your free plants

You can register and collect your plants in 3 easy steps.

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  2. Collect your plants on Saturday 25 February 2023 from 9am to 3pm at Auburn Botanic Gardens, 98 Chiswick Road, Auburn.
  3. Show proof of address upon collecting your plants.

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