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Reawakening Visions Exhibition Gallery

The Reawakening Visions exhibition is co-presented by Settlement Services International (SSI) through its Arts and Culture Program.

Being able to experience – and participate in – arts and cultural life is essential to the wellbeing of every human being. For refugees and new migrants to Australia, such interactions have a doubly important role. By providing a platform for connection and self-expression, arts and culture initiatives can empower individuals, bring communities together and help build a stronger society.

The SSI Arts & Culture program provides individual development pathway opportunities, including showcase, networking, business-planning and project support for newly arrived artists and artisans, who are looking to take their practice to the next level. Our partnership with the Peacock Gallery grows stronger every year, allowing us to provide critical and coordinated support to local newcomer artists.

Artists Dr Minal Jain, Mah Rukh Agha, Maher Al Khoury and Mary are all active participants in SSI’s Arts & Culture program. Reawakening Visions is a reference to the process these artists are going through right now. Some of them have had a significant disruption to their creative practice in their journey to Australia, some have found their creative practice as a result of their journey to Australia. A creative reawakening has taken place and they are all looking within and reclaiming their voice through their arts practice.

SSI is a leading community-based, social-purpose organisation that provides services in NSW across areas including refugee settlement, asylum seeker assistance, support for people with disability and multicultural foster care.

Artist Mary

1. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
2. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
3. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
4. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
5. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
6. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
7. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
8. Artist: Mary ‘Untitled’ mixed media, 2020
Artist Mary ‘Various Artworks’ mixed media, 2020

Artist Mah Rukh Agha

Artist Mah Rukh Agha ’Curious Creator’ acrylic on canvas, 2020

Artist Maher Al Khoury

Artist Maher Al Khoury ‘Untitled’ watercolour on paper, 2020

Artist Minal Jain

Artist Minal Jain ‘Flame of Love’ acrylic on canvas board, 2020