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Visit the Bush School

The Bush School at Central Gardens Merrylands offers a unique educational program. Children who attend can observe changes in seasons, light, weather, wildlife, plants and trees.

They can explore and develop an awareness and understanding of their environment, develop a sense of space and of the indigenous values of the land. Playing in and experiencing nature promotes children’s physical skills, communication, observation skills, social skills, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork as well as emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

Increasing evidence suggests that the more time children spend in nature the happier, healthier and more focused they are. Being in and part of their natural world helps children to appreciate, understand and care for our earth.

The reliance on technology, as well as increased hours spent in formal care, has impacted on the length of time children spend in nature. In addition, the number of families dwelling in units, villas and townhouses with little or no backyard has limited children’s access to natural environments.

The Bush School provides children with opportunities to engage with nature and reconnect with the earth.

The bush school is a public space and the general public is welcome to visit at any time. For more information phone 8757 9000.

Visit Council What's On page for upcoming Bush School events 

View the Bush School Flyer (PDF, 3.51 MB).