Snap Send Solve - Smartphone App

Use your smart phone to notify Council of any issues in your community with Snap Send Solve.

What you can report through Snap Send Solve

Using the app and your smartphone camera, you can report common issues to your local Council including:

  • Illegal dumping
  • Tree management
  • Noise complaints
  • Damaged playground equipment
  • Parking issues
  • Road safety concerns
  • Footpath maintenance
  • General feedback.

How Snap Send Solve works

Snap Send Solve identifies your location using your smartphone. It can then determine the Council area where you are reporting an issue.

All reports from Snap Send Solve are sent from the app with your email address to the Council in that area. The local Council will then communicate directly with you to fix the issue. 

App download

To start using Snap Send Solve, download the app to your iphone or Android device.

Note: This app is free to download but usage of this app may incur data charges.


You can also contact Council by phone, email, in person, by post and fax.