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Auburn Botanic Gardens

The Auburn Botanic Gardens sprawls over some 9.2 hectares and features a stunning range of horticultural and fauna attractions, along with substantial picnic grounds.

Since 1977, people have been attracted to the gardens from many parts of Sydney, and indeed from across Australia, to experience their truly unique plant and animal life and other attractions.

In August each year, the gardens are home to the council’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Key features of the Auburn Botanic Gardens include:

  • The Japanese garden
  • Fauna Reserve and aviary
  • The native and rainforest garden
  • The scented garden
  • The sunken rose garden
  • An amphitheatre
  • An equal access playground

In addition, a community picnic area with communal BBQs is located immediately outside the gardens and is free for everyone to access.

While you’re at the gardens, why not make a day of it and also visit Cumberland Council’s Peacock Gallery and Art Studios, which is also located just outside the entrance to the gardens.

Getting to the gardens

The Auburn Botanic Gardens is located on the corner of Chisholm and Chiswick Roads in Auburn.

To get to the gardens, you can:

  • Catch public bus services from Auburn Station. Check Trip Planner for more details.
  • Catch the Auburn community loop bus.
  • Drive and Park withing the gardens allocated parking spaces.

Holding Events or Organised Tours

All weddings, organised events and photoshoots require a booking.

The Auburn Botanic Gardens are a wonderful location to hold an organised event, including weddings, or conduct a group excursion. Given the unique and varied backdrops, it is also often used for commercial video and still photography.

Auburn Botanic Gardens Bookings

Auburn Botanic Gardens Community Picnic Area (CPA)

Conditions for Jumping Castles, Amusement Devices, Pony Rides & Petting Zoo's