Wentworthville Centre Revitalisation

Council is looking to help facilitate the revitalisation and renewal of Wentworthville Town Centre through the Wentworthville Centre Revitalisation Project.


A new planning strategy for Wentworthville Centre has been developed based on community engagement and expert studies.

Project Timeline

The first two stages of the project, involving community engagement and preparation of a planning and place-making strategy have been completed. Stage 3, including preparation of draft land use and development controls, is currently being undertaken. It is anticipated that the draft controls will be publicly exhibited around the middle of this year, and finalised by the end of the year.

Consultant Studies

The outcomes of the community consultation are documented in the Community Participation Report.

A number of expert studies were prepared by various consultants and used in conjunction with community input from the stage 1 community engagement to develop the Wentworthville Centre Planning and Place-Making Strategy.

You can view each of the studies below:

Wentworthville Planning and Place-Making Strategy

The Planning and Place-Making Strategy has been developed using the Community Directions and Aspirations from the community participation report as the foundation for the way in which the strategy has been developed for the Centre. Combined with expert urban design, economic feasibility and traffic and transport studies, the Strategy proposes a framework to transform Wentworthville Centre into a progressive, colourful, vibrant and engaging local centre.

The Strategy provides a vision for the Centre as:

“A progressive, colourful, vibrant and engaging local centre that is comfortable and well connected to the surrounding area and facilities. Wentworthville Centre will be a great place to live and shop; to stay”.

A number of key priorities for the revitalisation of Wentworthville have been identified:

  1. Full-Line 4,000m2 Supermarket
  2. Short-Term Development of 4 Key Sites in Core
  3. European Style Mid-Rise Street Wall Building Form with Few Towers
  4. Public Plazas (Dunmore Street Plaza, Civic Plaza, Kingsway Pedestrian Link)
  5. Mid-Block Pedestrian Through Links
  6. Viable Commercial Car Parking
  7. Main Street By-Pass and Laneway Network Extension
  8. Eastern Civic Precinct with New Community Facilities
  9. Incentives for Commercial & Retail Spaces
  10. Value Capture from Development for Public Improvements

The Strategy provides a number of actions for key areas of transformation including:

  • Built form and character- two built form options were provided for comment
  • Open space and Public Domain
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Connectivity and Linkages
  • Retail and Employment
  • Centre Activity
  • Shopfront Revitalisation
  • Public Art and Culture
  • Safety and Security
  • Future Development Controls

The Strategy was publicly exhibited between September and October 2015, with Council receiving over 120 submissions. A report on the community consultation went to Council in August 2016 and Council resolved (on the basis of the recommendations of the Cumberland Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel) to proceed with the preparation of a planning proposal based on built form Option 2, with amendments to certain planning controls, policies and documents; and reclassification of certain land, as detailed in Report C008/16. Council also resolved to undertake community consultation for the Planning Proposal, including a Public Meeting, and to exhibit new or revised supporting plans and policies for Wentworthville Centre being a revised Development Control Plan, revised Section 94 Development Contributions Plan, a Value Capture Policy and Design Excellence Policy.

The Planning Proposal, draft planning controls and supporting documents are currently being prepared.

Built Form Option 2 – Dunmore Street Plaza
Built Form Option 2 – The Kingsway
Built Form Option 2 – Station Street
Library Plaza
Kingsway Pedestrian Link