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Clubs for Cumberland – ClubGRANTS

Due to Council mergers, the former Auburn and Holroyd ClubGRANTS Schemes have been joined. The new scheme is called Clubs for Cumberland.

Applications for 2017 closed in May 2017. The next round of the Clubs for Cumberland Scheme will open in early 2018.

What is ClubGRANTS

ClubGRANTS is a community grants program funded by local clubs and administered by Cumberland Council. The scheme enables registered clubs with gaming machine profits over $1 million to apply for a tax rebate (of 1.85%). The tax rebate is used to provide grants to not-for-profit community organisations for community projects. The Scheme is guided by the Gaming Machine Tax Act 2001.

Funded projects must be in the areas of Community Welfare and Social Services, Community Development, Community Health Services and Employment Assistance Activities.

Projects must also address local funding priorities of: Community Safety, Education & Employment, Health and Wellbeing, Social Cohesion and Participation and Youth.

In 2017, a total of 71 local projects were funded valued at $1,149,931.13.

Projects funded in 2017

A summary of funded projects can be viewed in the ‘Feedback Summary for Clubs for Cumberland ClubGRANTS’ Scheme. This document also includes information on the assessment process and feedback on the main strengths and weaknesses of applications submitted. This document is compiled to assist organisations with their future grant applications.

Progress reports for projects funded in 2017 are due 28 March 2018.

Final acquittal reports for projects funded in 2017 are due 28 November 2018.


For further information, please contact Cumberland Council’s Community Projects Officer, Marie Sesay on 02 9840 9910 or email