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Asbestos awareness

Asbestos is a dangerous substance found in many older buildings. It produces tiny fibres which can cause serious lung diseases if inhaled.

You must treat asbestos carefully

Many homes built before 1990 contain asbestos. If you are renovating or demolishing a building, it is essential that you follow asbestos removal guidelines. You may find the following links useful:

About the Asbestos Answers website

Asbestos Answers covers a wide range of important information about Asbestos - from the types of Asbestos you may find in buildings to where you may find it and how it should be dealt with. Remember, incorrect disposal of asbestos materials is illegal.

Council's Asbestos Policy

Cumberland City Council adopted its Asbestos Policy in 2018 to maintain safe Council workplaces. Essentially, it protects the health and safety of Council workers, its customers and members of the community. 

Free Asbestos Removal Service

Council offers a free Asbestos Removal Service for small quantities of loose, non-friable asbestos from residential properties. This asbestos must be already separated from buildings, and not associated with any recent renovation or repairs.

Please remember that Council will not collect asbestos if:

  • It is more than 10 square meters in quantity
  • It was recently removed from a structure as part of a major renovation project.

Council also provides free information sessions periodically to help you recognise and understand asbestos. Simply keep check of this website to see when the next Asbestos Awareness session is running.

For more details about Council's free asbestos services, visit the Information Services page on the Asbestos Answers website.

Find out more about how Council can help you with asbestos in this video