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Planning Proposal Request for 4 – 12 Railway Street, Lidcombe

The Planning Proposal Request has been lodged by the proponent/landowner ‘Lidcombe Property (NSW) Pty Ltd.

The Planning Proposal Request in accordance with the adopted Cumberland Council’s Planning Proposal Notification Policy prior to the proposal being considered by the Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (Cumberland IHAP), and at a Council meeting.

The Planning Proposal request seeks to amend the Auburn LEP 2011 by:

  • Increasing the site’s existing Floor Space Ratio (FSR) control from 5:1 to 5:65:1
  • Increasing the maximum height of building (HOB) control from 32 metres to 62 metres

It does not seek to make a change to the subject sites existing zoning.

The documentation associated with the Planning Proposal Request can be accessed using the links below

If you require further information about this Planning Proposal, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning section on 8757 9000 or visit Council’s Administration Building at 1 Susan Street, Auburn between 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, to speak to an officer in person.