Cumberland Local Heritage Awards

Cumberland City Council is pleased to celebrate the people and heritage of our local area through the Cumberland Local Heritage Awards.

Applications open Monday 6 March 2023

The Cumberland Local Heritage Awards 2022/23 aim to show Council’s appreciation for those who have an active role in preserving and maintaining Cumberland City’s heritage, and to those who demonstrate an interest in learning about local history.

This years theme is “Curiosity in Shared Stories”, which celebrates all aspects of our heritage, including buildings, landscapes, sacred sites, artefacts and artworks, film, stories, people, groups, and ceremonies.

There are four categories open for nominations, these are:

  • Category 1 showcases the Best Maintained Heritage Property.
  • Category 2 recognises the best Restoration & Development (including adaptive re-use).
  • Category 3 celebrates those passionate residents Researching Our Local History.
  • Category 4 encourages children to learn about and engage with our local area through the Keeper of the Stone Children’s Heritage Award colouring competition.

For further information and to apply visit: