Discover what greywater is and how you can use it to save water in your home.

What is Greywater?

Greywater is household waste water sourced from baths, showers, bathroom basins and laundries. It's estimated that up to half of household water used could be recycled as greywater, potentially saving hundreds of litres of water per day.

Using greywater is safe, however, if it isn't used properly it has potential to spread disease. For example, infection can occur if untreated greywater is stored or used in a way that birds, insects, pets or children can come into contact with it.

A simple way to re-use greywater at home is to collect water in a bucket from your washing machine or shower and use it to water your garden. It is important to store this water carefully and use it within 24 hours of collections to avoid spreading disease.

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