Mayor and Councillors

Cumberland City Council is pleased to announce that, following an Extraordinary Meeting of Council on 12 January 2022, Councillor Lisa Lake was elected as the new Mayor of Cumberland City and Councillor Kun Huang was elected as Deputy Mayor. Congratulations to our new Mayor and Deputy Mayor.


The 2021 Local Government elections were held on 4 December 2021, where residents voted to elect 15 Councillors for the Cumberland City Local Government Area (LGA).

Cumberland City Council welcomes the newly elected Councillors, including the 11 returning Councillors.

Following the Extraordinary Meeting on Wednesday 12 January 2022, Councillor Lisa Lake was elected as the new Mayor of Cumberland City, alongside Councillor Kun Huang who was elected as the new Deputy Mayor.

Granville Ward

Councillor Steve Christou
Phone: 0419 651 187

Councillor Ola Hamed
Phone: 0405 070 007

Councillor Joseph Rahme
Phone: 0418 995 471

Greystanes Ward

Councillor Diane Colman
Phone: 0400 279 200

Councillor Greg Cummings
Phone: 0417 612 717

Councillor Eddy Sarkis
Phone: 0418 306 918

Regents Park Ward

Councillor Kun Huang (Deputy Mayor)
Phone: 0418 911 774

Councillor Sabrin Farooqui
Phone: 0487 194 169

Councillor Helen Hughes
Phone: 0400 264 534

South Granville Ward

Councillor Glenn Elmore
Phone: 0418 459 527

Councillor Paul Garrard
Phone: 0414 504 504

Councillor Mohamad Hussein
Phone: 0400 281 726

Wentworthville Ward

Councillor Suman Saha
Phone: 0419 546 950

Councillor Lisa Lake (Mayor)
Phone: 0418 669 681

Councillor Michael Zaiter
Phone: 0418 432 797

Councillor expenses

The Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy has been prepared in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) and Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (the Regulation), and complies with the Office of Local Government’s Guidelines for the payment of expenses and provision of facilities to Mayors and Councillors in NSW.

The policy advises that detailed reports on the provision of expenses and facilities to Councillors will be publicly tabled at a Council meeting every 6 months and published in full on Council’s website. These reports will include expenditure summarised by an individual Councillor and as a total for all Councillors.

Disclaimer: Social media accounts operated by Councillors represent the personal views of those elected representatives and not the official views of Council. Councillors identifying themselves as Councillors on social media platforms are bound by Council’s Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.