Mobile food vending on public land

We support the operation of Mobile Food Vending Vehicles to activate public sites within the Cumberland City area and to provide food in areas with minimal food options available.

Getting approval

Cumberland City Council supports the operation of Mobile Food Vending Vehicles to activate public sites within the Cumberland area and to provide food in areas with minimal food options available.

Before commencing operation, you must obtain approval from Council to operate a mobile food vending vehicle on public land. There are two types of approvals issued for mobile food vending, depending on the extent of food handling activities proposed:

  1. Category 1 Food Vans:
    • Low risk food activities only - handle food and drinks that do not require further preparation, or involve only the frothing of milk for coffee, preparation of milkshakes, or serving of frozen dairy products (Note: soft serve ice-cream is considered potentially hazardous and falls under Category 2 below)
    • Food that is pre-packaged or is sold directly from its original package and does not require heating
  2. Category 2 Food Trucks:
    • Approval for all other food activities that are not considered low risk under Category 1
    • Includes businesses that handle/prepare/cook foods that are potentially hazardous (require temperature control) such as burgers, sushi, sandwiches/rolls/wraps, vegetable curries, fried chicken, cooked rice, cooked pasta, sliced fruit, salads, etc.

To obtain approval to operate a mobile food vehicle on public land, you must complete the below form and return to Council for assessment and determination (please note that fees are payable on application):

You will also need to attach relevant supporting documentation to your application form, including insurance documents, plan of management, and design / fit-out details.

Wanting to operate your food vehicle on private property only?

If you wish to only operate a food vehicle on private land, then you do not require a mobile food vending approval – however there are still a few things you need to consider before commencing operation:

  1. Planning approval: Check that you have the land owners consent, and that you comply with all of the development standards for mobile food and drink outlets. If you don’t, you may need to obtain DA approval for the activity.
  2. Registration with Council: You need to notify Council of your food handling activities and business information:
    1. If you will be trading from the same site on an ongoing basis, then you should complete Councils standard food business registration form on the Food and drink premises page.
    2. If you will be operating from different private premises at different times, then you should complete Councils temporary food business form on the Temporary food businesses page.

Further information on mobile food vending

More information on the requirements for mobile food vendors on public land can be found in the following documents:

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I set up and operate my Mobile Food Vehicle in Cumberland LGA?

Details on where you can operate your mobile food vehicle and for how long are outlined in our Mobile Food Vending Vehicles Guideline

2. I want to trade at a particular public site/location – how can I get approval for this?

If you wish to trade regularly from a public site, you must indicate this intention when applying for your mobile food vending approval. The proposal will then be assessed on its merits by Council. Further information on the general requirements for trading is provided in our Mobile Food Vending Vehicles Guideline

3. My mobile food vending business is already approved by another Council – do I still need to register with Cumberland City Council?

Yes – you must seek the approval of the local Council in each local government area you wish to trade in.

If you wish to operate in Cumberland area please complete the Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Application (PDF, 115KB)

4. I want to set my food truck up at the front of my fixed food premises. Is this permitted?

Councils Mobile Food Vending Policy and Guidelines prohibit the operation of mobile food vending businesses within 50 metres of any existing food premises. Refer to our Mobile Food Vending Vehicles Guideline for more information on where you can trade from.