Notice - An Extraordinary Council Meeting will be held in Council Chambers commencing at 6pm Wednesday 28 October 2020 instead of the regular time of 6:30pm.



Sports Ground Closures

If you are not sure if a sporting ground is open in the Cumberland Local Government Area, please phone 02 8757 9025 to confirm its suitability for use.

Updated Wednesday 28 October 2020

The following fields are OPEN:

  • Ted Burge Sportsground
  • MJ Bennett
  • Daniel Street
  • Merrylands Park – Field 2 & 4
  • Tom Uren Park
  • Fairfield Road
  • Guildford West
  • Sydney Smith
  • Guildford Park
  • Harry Gapes
  • Colquhoun Park
  • Holroyd Sportsground
  • Horlyck Reserve
  • Norford Park
  • King Park
  • Granville Park
  • Everley Park South
  • Everley Park North

Information Line

If you are not sure if a sporting ground is open in the Cumberland Local Government Area, please phone 02 8757 9025 before using and to confirm it’s suitability for use.

During times of extreme weather conditions Council will assess its playing fields and update the information line by 2pm Monday to Friday. This information line is available to the public 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Club Responsibilities

When Council determines that grounds are open users remain responsible for determining the suitability of grounds for use of individual grounds in terms of player safety and potential ground damage and are requested to exercise discretion in the event of any wet weather.

If sports grounds are closed by Council, clubs and organisations do not have the authority to approve their use.

Council’s decision on whether to close a sports ground will be based on the likelihood of injury to players, the likelihood of damage to the playing surface and the prevailing weather forecast.

If Council’s ground closure instructions are ignored and play goes ahead, the user will be responsible for the full cost of repair to the field(s) and their usage arrangements may be terminated.

Even if Council deems a sports ground to be open at 2pm on Friday, clubs and organisations don’t have to play if rain occurs later that day or during the weekend and injury to players or damage to the sports ground becomes a possibility.