Hills Weeping Fig (Microcarpa var hilii)

The Hills Weeping Fig, scientifically known as Ficus microcarpa var hillii, is a variety of the Ficus microcarpa species and is commonly referred to as the Weeping Fig or the Green Weeping Fig.

This impressive ficus is a tropical tree native to Australia, Asia and island of the Western Pacific.

Well adapted to hot conditions, this tree requires a warm climate and humid atmosphere.

The bark, roots and dried leaves are used in traditional medicine in India, Malaysia, China and Japan.

These trees can grow and spread to massive sizes. The largest specimen in the world is located Kauai, Hawaii at 33.5 meters in height with a crown spread of 76 metres.

The fruits of this tree provide food for wildlife and are very attractive to birds and flying mammals.

Tree location

  • Friend Park, Station Street frontage, Wentworthville