Fire Safety Schedules, Certificates and penalties

Whether your building is new or altered, you must comply with any Fire Safety Schedule issued and supply a Fire Safety Certificate.

Fire Safety Schedules

Fire Safety Schedules list the measures required to be taken and the standard they need to meet. A Fire Safety Schedule can be issued:

  • By Cumberland City Council or an accredited certifier in relation to a construction or complying development certificate
  • By Council in some cases with a Development Consent – such as for a change of use in an existing building.

A fire safety schedule is only applicable if any of the above occurred after 1988.

Fire Safety Certificates

For new or altered buildings

  • A Fire Safety Certificate (which is the first certificate issued) must be provided for each new or altered essential fire safety measure.
  • An additional Fire Safety Statement must be supplied to Council every year. This needs to happen within 12 months after the Fire Safety Certificate was issued.
  • The Statement will certify that a competent Fire Safety Practitioner has inspected the building and found that all required fire-safety measures are compliant with relevant standards.

For existing buildings

  • An annual Fire Safety Statement needs to be submitted to Cumberland City Council every year, within 12 months of your first Fire Safety Statement.
  • This will certify that a competent Fire Safety Practitioner has inspected each of the measures listed in the most recent Fire Safety Schedule, and that each measure operates to standards required.