Smoking in public places

Council supports State Government smoking restrictions across NSW.

Main areas where smoking is not allowed include:

  •  Anywhere with Smoke-Free Area signs
  • All enclosed public places, including shopping centres, community centres, churches, hospitals, libraries, on public transport, and in hotels/motels
  • Any commercial outdoor dining area or place where food and drinks are served (dedicated smoking areas exist in some open area bars, night clubs and gaming rooms)
  • In cars carrying children under 16 years old
  • Within 10 metres of children’s public outdoor play equipment
  • At public swimming pools
  • In spectator areas at public sports grounds and during an organised event
  • At public transport stops and stations
  • Within 4 metres of an entrance to a public building

Smoking and using an e-cigarette in cars with children

It is an offence to smoke or use an e-cigarette in a car with children under age of 16 years in the vehicle. NSW Police enforce these bans.

Further information is available from these fact sheets:

Further information

To report breaches of the smoke-free legislation, you can lodge a request with NSW Health through their online portal.

For more information, see the Summary of smoke-free legislation across Australian states and territories.