Cumberland aims to meet the environmental needs of the community today, whilst ensuring that future generations enjoy the same benefits.
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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means meeting our current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainability is a holistic approach to managing the environment and aims to balance between environmental protection, economic practices and social responsibility.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

As part of the decision making process, Council takes Ecologically Sustainable Development principles into consideration. This includes ways to manage, develop, protect, restore and conserve the environment.

To do so, Council balances the environmental, economic, social and governance impacts of its decisions using the considerations below:

  • Lead by example to proactively minimise and mitigate environmental damage
  • Recognise that current actions and policies have an environmental impact for future generations
  • Protect the natural environment and value the importance of a diverse and healthy ecosystem
  • Involve the community in decisions and actions that affect them

Find out about Council’s policies and approach to:

  1. Energy Management 
  2. Water Management 
  3. Tree Management 

Further information

For more information contact Council on 02 8757 9000.