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Request copy of rates notices / receive rates notice via email

Apply to receive your rate notice via email or request a copy of current and previous notices.

Council rates department

Phone: 02 8757 9000
Merrylands Office Address: 16 Memorial Ave Merrylands NSW 2160
Auburn Office Address: 1 Susan Street Auburn NSW 2144

Request copy of a rates notice

For a copy of a rates notice please visit Council Chambers in person or order online:

A fee of $7.60 per notice for current year and $22.50 per notice for each previous financial year is applicable.

Receive rate notices via email

To receive your Rates and Charges Notice or Rates Instalment Notice by email, use the:

To cancel this method of receiving your Notice or to change your email address, please also use the same form.

Postponing rates

To apply download the postponed rates payment application

You are able to do this if you are:

  • Responsible for paying rates for land on which there is a single dwelling house, that is used or occupied and which is zoned for the purpose of industry, commerce or the erection of residential flat buildings, or
  • Responsible for paying the rates for land, which is capable of subdivision and on which there is a single dwelling house that is used or occupied as such.

The rates postponed relate to the portion of the value that the Valuer-General determines is related to its zoned or permitted use.